COMANDULLI began at Castelleone in the early '70s as a craft-oriented business managed by Ernesto Comandulli, who used his own patent for the first, new concept "edge polishing machine", for processing marble and granite.

The market immediately understood this innovation and thus the company grew, with Comandulli establishing itself as the leader in marble and granite edge working machinery. These were machines built adopting the most modern concepts and principles technology could supply - ones ever more versatile - and designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

These 40 years of history and evolution saw the perfecting of the belt edge polishing machines in the late '70s; machines suitable for working building and furnishing slabs and designed incorporating all the new techniques which made them famous. Then, immediately afterwards, came the huge success of the bullnosing machines. Finally, at the beginning of the third millennium, a new series of edge polishing machines with automatic tool change was created, attracting extreme interest in the world market due to its rapidity and precision in working edges as thick as 12 cm.
The company it projects and builds directly its machines, and distributes them in Italy and abroad through a network of agents and exclusive distributors.

Today 40 years of experience, the fruit of in-depth study of the design and of the choice of the technologically most suitable materials, allow the factory to market products, with an extraordinary cost - technical level balance.

This has not been an easily reached goal, but one made possible by choices in terms of men and means, made by the factory over the years, placed at customer's disposal and aimed at guaranteeing the greatest and lasting satisfaction.