Via A. Malignani, 19
San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD), Friuli-Venezia Giulia 33058
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RALC ITALY SRL is a company specialized in design and construction of automation and special machines, useful for assembling but also for processing mechanical details of precision , with scrap removal or not.

Design Department avail itself of highly-qualified technicians and of the latest software and hardware technologies . Currently Technical Department has five workstations for the three-dimensional drawing and another for risks' analysis and the development of the machines' manuals .

Production Department avail itself of a 15 specialized technicians team , respectively in the milling, turning, carpentring, welding, painting and assembling departments . CNC and manual lathes, CNC and manual milling machines ... also bending, drilling, welding and any other instrument that allows us to realize every detail with the most accuracy and precision.

In this area, each machine is carefully assembled, tried and finally tested by our specialized technicians before being delivered to the customer. All tests are performed according to accurate procedures described in our quality protocol .

A feature that is recognized to Ralc Italy by the market consists in the ability to find solutions that ensure the technical functioning in line with customer expectations in respect of some affordability parameters imposed by the customer : the company's customers are themselves companies for such the economic equilibrium of solutions is an essential constraint.


The competence gained in many years of activity leads us in the quest for maximum functionality. We have grown together with our customers by listening to their needs and planning not only customized solutions but offering "THE TECHNOLOGY OF CUTTING " to improve the quality of their work.


Our constant technical updating steer us towards cutting-edge applications and innovative services while keeping quality standards' of production and safety at high level . We look forward to the future because we have a tradition of constant improvement and innovation .


Satisfied customers are the real heritage of our company. Our goal is to know their needs, guide them and assist them in reliable solutions with competence and timeliness. Being our clients means choosing quality and efficiency not only of products but also of the support and training services.