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1972 Mr. Rodolfo Carlini, the business founder, starts his activity of trade and overhauling of machine tools.

1990 Business control passes to Mr. Carlini Mauro, who, with the collaboration of 2 other partners, founds CSF S.r.l.
His intention, thanks to the experiences of the past years, is to design CNC horizontal lathes of medium and big

1999 It starts the production of TRA 2 guideway lathes. Using performing characteristics of these lathes, we realize special machines for heavy duty working and high performing operations.

2005 3 models of 4-guideway lathes are turned up. Effort and resources taken are considerable, as the series of 4-guideway lathes WH, represents a new technologic standard, without absolutely copying existing models.

2010 It starts the building of the factory.