cte established in taiwan in 1981, and china in 1990, started as a specialty tool distributors in power transmission and distribution industry. our products, service and knowledge earned us a good reputation and are considered to be a major supplier in power tools/machinery in our home market.

today, our client base is extensive with the diverse range of products marketed by our company. we provided specialized tooling and service for application such as:

power transmission

stringing equipment including puller, tensioner, puller-tensioner, drum winch, drum stand, equipment on-site training for power transmission job.
power distribution

hydraulic tool including battery operated, hand-driven, and large capacity hydraulic tool head.
engine pump, electrical pump, air hydraulic pump, hand pump and foot pump.
sheet metal, busbar fabrication tool and complete system tool.
civil construction

rebar cutter, puncher, and bender. multi-function angle fabrication tool, nut splitter, horizontal and vertical type magnetic drilling machine for efficient, safe, and convenient civil construction work at jobsite.
hydraulic cylinder

single acting and double acting cylinder, light weight aluminum cylinder, manual hydraulic cylinder.