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위치:4th floor, Building 5, No. 18 Baosheng Rd., Songjiang District,Shanghai,China.
Shanghai, Shanghai 201600
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Shanghai Denair Group Co., registered in Shanghai large-scale professional compressor producing and exporting enterprise ,designed for different markets and different projects conditions.The product design and configuration reference Germany Denair standard totally.Production capacity of Denair products has reached 200000 units per year.
At present,the sales and service network for Shanghai Denair Compressor Co.,Ltd. Is divided into eight Domestic areas: East China, South China ,North China,Northwest China.Central China,Northeast China,Southwest China and Yangtze River Delta region.There are branches in China’s major cities. Our excellent service staff will supply you the best maintenance and repair service in every regions.
There are also complete sales and service system all over the world,such as Middle East,South America,Southeast Asia,North America,Australia,Australia,United States,etc.There are over 200 distributors worldwide.
Concentrating on silent and energy saving research and development ,committing to be a good example of manufacturing high quality compressors.




Shanghai Denair Compressor Co.,Ltd
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