Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 8. Cad. No:40-42, 38070 Kayseri Osb / Melikgazi
Kayseri, Kayseri 38070
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Dener Makina has established in the year 1974, it has been manufacturing high quality sheet metal fabricating machines in its 30.000 m2 closed area.

Since established, Dener Makina has adopted the principle of manufacturing high quality machines with innovative technology, solutions and designs. Our machines are customer oriented, qualified for ISO 9001 quality system and CE certified.

Dener's machines are as follows:

1. Fiber Laser Cutting machine
2. Ball Screw Press Brake
3. Servo Electric Press Brake
4. Hydraulic Press Brakes (Puma XL and Smart XL Series)
5. Shear Cutting Machines
i. CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine
ii, NC Swing Beam Shearing Machine
6. Plasma Cutting Machine

With all the experience since established, along with continuously contributing to the national economy, Dener has successfully achieved a position as one of the best sheet metal working machines manufacturers in the world.

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