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J-23, M.I.D.C., Gokul Shirgaon,
Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416 234
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decades of experience have made us experts on the practical considerations
involved in tapping both left and right hand threads efficiently, lowering of production
cost by reduction of non-cutting time, highest machining accuracy, elimination of trouble
spots and simple operations made our designs very popular. many years of service in all
branches of the metal working industries have proved the extremely high operational
reliability and long service life of these machines.

the continual and velvet frequent reversal of spindle rotation required for
tapping operations is provided by a double friction clutch without changing running
direction of motor shaft. this gives sensitive control of the tapping operation and hence
reliable overload protection for the taps.

the simple operations of these machines have made them suitable for large
scale production,and also indispensable for small batch production with frequent changes
of thread size. “tap-fast” and “fast-drill” articulated radial machines are first machines
in it’s type. special feature of these machine is that spindle rotates around its main column
in 360 and at the same time can rotate around it’s main pin in 300. thus spindle covers
almost all area between maximum and minimum radius and job kept in this working zone
can be completed in only one set up.