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Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455
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Dynaric, Inc., operates facilities in Virginia, Nevada and Mexico. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of non-metallic strapping, equipment and systems to industries with both general and specialized packaging applications. Virtually any product, which is secured or shipped, can benefit when plastic strapping is used.
Since our inception in 1973, Dynaric has built a solid reputation as a vital and innovative leader in the non-metallic strapping market with products which have increased efficiency and productivity, while lowering overall costs in the Baling, Commercial Printing, Corrugated Carton, Distribution, Laundry, Lumber, Mailing, Millwork, Newspaper, PVC Pipe, Textile, Unitizing, Window and Door industries.
Dynaric operates one of the largest non-metallic strapping manufacturing facilities in the United States, located in Virginia Beach, VA. There we manufacture a complete line of strapping products including machine grade, controlled elongation and high tensile. Dynaric is a leading supplier of strapping equipment and systems including basic semiautomatic table top machines, through high speed arch type units, culminating with fully automatic, high speed, operator- less equipment and complete systems.



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