we at eifco machines tools, provide our clients with the sturdiest and the robust of the conventional machines for over 50 years now. eifco is committed to delivering quality machines.

we have listed below our range of products:

bench drilling machine (13 to 20 mm)
pedestal drilling machine (13 to 20 mm)
high speed sensitive drilling machine (up to 14,000 rpm)
pillar drilling machine (25 to 38 mm)
radial drilling machine (25 mm)
gang drilling machine ( upto 38 mm capacity - 100% customization possible)
box column drilling machine (50 mm)
pedestal grinder (vitrified and resinoid bond wheels)
power hacksaw machine (200 to 300 mm)
gear hobbing machine (up to 6 module)
slotting machine (105 mm stroke)