회사:Yih Chuan Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
위치:No. 8, 9th Road
Taichung Industrial Park
Taichung 40755
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extron is a worldwide logo for yih chuan machinery industry co., ltd. it was founded in 1972, in taiwan. in 1985, to enlarge the production line, a new manufactory facility started its operations at industry park of taichung city.
its major productions are wide range of cnc milling machines, machining centers, high speed machining center, double column machining center.
yih chuan's major export destinations are the u.s., europe and southeast asia, else. in order to offer more service, it was established branch company atrump machinery inc in los angeles, united states. the company's u.s. branch doubles as a regional marketing center and a distribution warehouse.

yih chuan(extron) uses pc-based, mitsubishi, fanuc, and other europen cnc controllers on most of its cnc machines. "unless our customers specifically want another type of controller, we go with these brands because of their high quality. nevertheless, some of our customers prefer to order the machine frames and later equip them with controllers of their choice."

now our employs are approximately 150 plus people. thomson lai, president of the company said “we are now working on a new type of high speed and high performance machining center to meet the demand of our customers around the world." for processing iso 9001 for quality control it has corporated with sub-parts manufactories that assumed iso 9002 in 1995 and ce standard in 1996 as well.

in addition to developing new types of machines, yih chuan also regularly upgrades its existing lines. the company says that by constantly improving the functions of its products it is able to maintain higher margin s. yih chuan would like to work with all customers that believe, like us, that “service, quality and development", will always be our top priority.




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