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FMT’s activity includes the design, production and sale of PLASMA CUTTING MACHINES for sheet metal processing.

The company was founded by a group of managers with many years of experience and expertise in the construction of machinery for the thermal cutting of sheet metal, as well as extensive knowledge of the automotive industry.

FMT is committed to being a point of reference within the national and international market, both for carpentry machines and duct work, offering a complete service to customers: software, machines and technical assistance around the world, with highly specialised staff.

Within the market, our plasma cutting machines stand out thanks to the high quality of the mechanical and electronic components.

The company has its own internal design department, which oversees each product throughout the entire production process and verifies its conformity. This department also draws up projects and “ad hoc” solutions to meet the customer’s most specific requirements, providing customers with innovative solutions from the design stage right through to the completion of the whole job order.