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goiti, sociedad cooperativa is a member of the danobat group and was set up in 1961, now being one of the most important companies on the market making machine tools for sheet metal forming, specialising in manufacturing forming machines, punching machines and flexible systems from format.

thanks to its commitment to total quality, through managing to understand its customers' needs, and the close cooperation with ideko technology centre, goiti has been able to create systems that are unique on the market, such as the punching machine with ortagonal shear and flexible lines for unassisted continuous manufacturing.

such well-known firms as arneg, azcoyen, e.e.e., fago/fri, gamko, hugo manieri, istobal, jose julio iordao, koxka, odelux, puertas padilla, recreativos franco or puertas roper trust in goiti's know-how and quality.