No.1 Xihe Rd,Nancun Town
Panyu DIstrict
Guangzhou, Guangdong 510163
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Company profile and introduction:Guangzhou Guanhao Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd.,formerly known as Guangzhou Huahui Packaging Machinery Factory,founded in 1994,now we have more senior engineers and engineers.all staff is choose highly skilled workers.our company professional product:filling machine,screw cap machine,labeling machine,shrinking machine,sealing machine,packing machine, pagination machine,conveyor belt machine,inkjet machine,date printing machine filling machine production line subject to product packing machine the customer-made specially packing is appreciated to the packing machine company and the customers.all the products are sale in our china,it sale in the southeast Asia and Europe and our china,To become more well-known pharmaceutical factory,food,cosmetics factory designated use of the products,Product has been awarded many national patents,in 2002,national technology supervision departments have carried out spot check.we have successfully gone through it,and obtained a certificate of honor by the Technical Supervision bureau.