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vitrified bond is the most state of the art technology in the superabrasives industry. hard is the leading company at this field and provide the wide solution to customers to grinding casting iron, high speed steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy, chrome ,titanium alloy, pcd,pcbn and ceramics.

our vitrified cbn/diamond wheel has applications of bearing, tappet, cv joint, compressor, fuel injectors, carbide tooling, pcd/pcbn and so on. at these fields, we have many global customers.

our metal bond cbn/diamond honing stone has the advantage of longer life, higher efficiency and cost effective, can support sunnen, nissin, nagel and gehring honing machine, widely used in the auto parts (connecting rod, cylinder, fork, rocker arm), sewing parts, mould making, carbide tooling and compressor industry.