16, Keya Rd., Daya District
Taichung 42881
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Hota Industrial Mfg. Co. Ltd. the largest transmission manufacturer in taiwan, hota industrial mfg. co., ltd., is currently the only taiwanese manufacturer of gear tooling machines. With its brand name HARTECH , the sole aspiration is to satisfy the high demands of its customers. HARTECH has a team of r&d experts working around the clock in pursuit of technological upgrades. the long term needs of its customers are where hartech's business is at.

HARTECH currently products are cnc high precision gear hobbing machines. gear shaving machine, gear deburring machine, all its gear tooling machines manufactured by hartech are put through extreme tests to ensure they operate at optimum performance.

the aim of the future for HARTECH machinery is in accordance with the needs of its customers. HARTECH will always carry on increasing the value of its machines and continue its extensive customer service.

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