회사:Heathway Products Division
위치:P.O. Box 1099
1001 South 2nd Street
Millville, New Jersey 08332
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Heathway has been manufacturing quartz and glass working lathes for supply to customers throughout the world since 1936. Our current range of lathes were first introduced in 1983. They are based upon a modular structure that provides a rugged bed design which is available in four different lengths, while any one of seven head sizes can be specified. Heathway can offer small bench top models with a 32mm spindle bore, up to large floor standing models for quartz working with a 530mm spindle bore. We can offer a wide range of both Scroll or Sun & Planet chucks for all of our lathes as well as specialized chucks (e.g. Quick acting chucks, Vacuum chucks, collet chucks, Bell chucks ...)