The interdisciplinary technology of light offers a host of possibilities to make processes more efficient and environmentally friendly. Infrared lamps provide heat rapidly and in an energy-conserving manner. The curing of paints and lacquers is a world-wide growth market. At Heraeus Noblelight we can provide experienced experts for all of these (and many more) applications, experts who not only know the lamp technology but also the application requirements. You have access to an extensive and flexible product range, from which individual solutions can be selected for more efficiency.
There are different ways to the effective and efficient solution of problems depending on customer requirements:

Leading machine- and system-builders and instrument manufacturers utilize Heraeus Noblelight light sources in their products. Analytical instruments and infrared drying systems are among the most popular applications. Often the collaboration begins at the product development stage. The requirements are defined with the customer so that individual solutions are designed and built.