회사:Hitesh Engineering Works
위치:501/B, 3rd Phase, Near Marketing Yard,
G.I.D.C., Wadhwan City, Gujarat
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we at hitesh engineering works, manufacturing different type of grinding machine; hydraulic universal grinder machine, centrless grinder machine, ertical rotary table surfaced grinding machine, hydraulic internal grinding machine with auto sleave, grinding machine for antrifrication bearing, uplex grinding machine, crank shaft grinding machine, twenty five type of different grinding machine we are manufacturing, spm grinding machine as per drawing and design. precision, quality and sales after serviced. a compact design extremely simle to operator and veratile in use. accuracy of working and reliability of performance are assured over long life. if you want to buy this performance somewhere else cheap, it will really cost. so we said; it is so inexpensive that you always get " your money worth"