Building B3, Huafeng industtrial Zone,Baoyuan Road ,BaoAn Area
ShenZhen, Guangdong
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honca develops and produces hi-tech products as follows:
1. repm brushless motors used for electronic power steering (eps) and auto chair in automobile.
2. high speed and lower noise brushless dc motors used for hand drier and breathing machine.
3. brushless motors with highest-speed of 40000rpm used for centrifuge and other industrial equipment.
4. reliable brushless motors used in fan filter unit (ffu).
5. mini numerical control machines: lathe machines, drilling machines, milling machines, relative driver systems (brushless motors and controllers)
6. energy-efficient motors and drivers used in electric bicycles and high speed planetary geared motors.
7. standard brushless motors with frame size of 30, 42, 60, 80, 92, 123, 130, and 180.
8. repm brushless motor drivers from 10w to 4.4kw.
9. 10w to 1.5kw brushless motor water pumps used for home electrical appliances and industrial equipment.
10. servo motors and controller systems.