No1578,Tongjiang Road,Xishan District
Wuxi, Jiangsu
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HTZ is a high-tech enterprise with integration of research and development,specialized in the development of high-speed presses, precision presses, servo presses and automatic punching machines. The enterprise charters the way forward the development of high-speed precision presses, precision presses and automatic punching to manufacture the leading precision machines in the globe,and persists in innovation to improve the technique and quality. Up to now, the machinery products have been exported to serve all clients from over 30 countries and regions including Europe, central America, Middle East and Southeast Asia.
Automatic punching equipment manufactured by HTZ is applied in wide fields: punching and shearing,bending,molding, drawing, calendaring and shaping of metal materials used in communication, computers, electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, medical equipment and motor stators.