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Clover, South Carolina 29710
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We believe that delivering superior value is the best way to create long-term success for our customers.
For more than half a century, we have provided innovative products and services to our customers in the gas turbine and medical markets worldwide.
In addition to our CNC machining systems, we offer unique solutions in part processing development, integration, machine vision, open architecture controls (OAC), digital documentation and remote diagnostics as a means to provide the best Service & Support in the industry.
Our multi-axis profile grinding systems are built on a heritage of precision, reliability and productivity. These systems are designed to meet the increasing demand for multi-tasking production environments for complex parts for the aerospace and industrial gas turbine markets.
MAVIS™ and VaneWARE™ are proprietary software tools designed for creating programs for surfaces on turbine components such as Vane, Seal or Shroud segments, and work together to enhance automatic part processing
Our precision Multi-Axis Laser Powder Fusion (LPF™) Deposition Cladding, Drilling and Welding lasers offer advanced machine tool design & construction.
This technology offers a wide range of applications in the fields of metal cladding, cutting drilling and welding. As a result, this omni-directional Laser process enables highly localized areas of a component to be built up with metallurgically bonded layers of hard metal alloys. AutoCLAD™ is a proprietary vision software package designed to optimize the Laser manufacturing process.
Our 5 Axis WJ Series of Waterjet machines offer advanced technology, design & construction and are designed for process flexibility, capability and reliability for aerospace and IGT Part Cleaning, Stripping and Cutting. The precision abrasive waterjet (AWJ) process is a higher quality and is a more cost effective process of removing coatings than acid stripping or grit blasting.
Huffman is an ISO-9001:2008 and CE-approved supplier.




Huffman, LLC.
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