Via Belvedere
Pescate, Lombardia 23855
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INVERNIZZI PRESSE was established about 60 years ago thanks to the initiative of mario invernizzi. the company has always distinguished itself for the peculiar character and high quality of the presses manufactured as well as for the technical solutions and stylish designs, modern already at the time and forerunners of trends to come: machines tailor-made to meet requirements of each individual customer.
this distinctive policy of invernizzi presse is currently applicable more than ever and expresses the company’s firm desire to team up with the customer in solving forming and blanking problems. invernizzi presse offers itself as partner for exchanging information and technical experience: this is not only its strong point, but also the source of its know-how. all this is possible thanks to its sense of mission and flexible structure, but above all to the great merit of the company always aiming to work close co-operation with the customer into searching for the most advantageous solutions.
the current manufacturing programme covers presses, capacity 20 to 2000 tons, featuring eccentric drive, link-lever mechanism, toggle mechanism for cold forming, presses and implantation for fine blanking, transfer presses and implantation hand-key, as well as high speed presses with dynamic balancing of the masses.
The great peculiarity is the DEEP DRAWING TRANSFER PRESS production like US Baird/Platarg/Whaterbury type.

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