ITO ENGINEERING CO., LTD., or ITO for short, was established in 1864. After its founding, ITO developed slow speed-high out-put engines as a pioneer of Diesel engine manufacturing and also built several types of engines as a Licensee of Sulzer, Switzerland for the A25/30 engines. In 1959, ITO began manufacturing rotary blowers using accumulated experience and technique. Since then, ITO has made continuous efforts toward developing efficiency in order to meet user demand via the technical progress. ITO blowers are famous around the world for minimal noise, low vibration and an impressive life-span, giving ITO a fantastic reputation with customers of various fields and backgrounds.

ITO blowers are well known and well respected for their low noise and vibration levels, as well as their long life spans. ITO produces, low-speed, high-output blowers. This production style has given our blowers a number of advantages. The low-speed production style has three important effects. First, lower speed means lower noise levels even with high outputs. Second, lower speeds reduce vibration levels. For many blowers, high rotational speeds directly increase the vibration level of the machine. ITO blowers do not suffer from this setback, however. Finally, our blowers don’t suffer the same damage that normal blowers do. Lower speeds, and thus lower vibration levels, ensure that the blower can run smoothly for long periods of time, giving ITO blowers superior lifespans.

At ITO, the Customer is of the highest importance, and is the ongoing purpose of our enterprises. To this end, ITO diligently contacts customers to ensure ongoing quality and satisfaction. During the installation, operating, and maintenance processes, ITO dispatches technical and business professional directly to the site to provide instruction on the proper operation and maintenance of blowers, guaranteeing that our customers can operate our products both safely and efficiently. Simultaneously, ITO always listens attentively to any advice or suggestions submitted by the customer base.