회사:Karma Inc.
위치:500 Milford Street
Watertown, Wisconsin 53094
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Karma takes pride in being "FIRST IN THE MARKET". Many companies claim to be innovators, but Karma is a true example of an innovative company. Karma introduced the first venturi post-mix iced tea dispenser 40 years ago. In 1986, presented the beverage market with the first post-mix non-electrical iced tea urn. In the late 70's, Karma's product line was the first to include a post-mix cappuccino dispenser followed by a compact 3 flavor model in 1994. In 1981, Karma offered the forerunner to high volume freeze dried coffee dispensers with the first post-mix dispenser capable of supplying 5000+ cups per hour. Innovative firsts are traditional at Karma such as a hot chocolate dispenser that can be used portable or waterline connected, a refrigerated juice dispenser that can be used portable or waterline connected and the original patented post-mix instant potato dispenser. Karma will remain an innovator, continuing to be first and original.