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It has been a great decade since Kingarc Autoweld Co., Ltd. has established in year 2000. We have gained approval from corporations in Taiwan, China, Thailand and Vietnam. We are thankful to our customers. And we express thankfulness by keeping innovating new methods and machines that can produce more efficiently and economically. Eventually, we help our customers produce quality steel structures and cost down.

Taiwan is located on the circum-pacific seismic zone where earthquakes happen all the time. However, we have needs for sky scrapers like Taipei 101 and Hi-tech factories for semi-conductor companies. Hence, steel structure is very popular in Taiwan for its ability to sustain earthquakes. And we provide quality production lines which builds the quality steel structures in Taiwan.

Among our customers, China Steel Structure is the most renowned steel structure manufacturers in Taiwan. Also, she is one of our loyal customers who ordered new machines from us for her new factory in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Besides earthquake, fast urbanizing and industrializing are also the two of the reasons why we use steel structures. Higher buildings are popping up in big cities. More and more steel bridges are built to connect factories and harbors. We are confident in introducing our machines along with the building solution to more developing countries. With steel structure buildings, people will have more quality living and transportation conditions worldwide.



Kingarc Autoweld Co., Ltd.
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