Incorporated in the year 2007, Ruian Lihong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of semi / fully automatic packaging machines and support system solutions. The range includes vacuum packaging machine, horizontal flow wrapping machine, vertical packing machine, cup counting machine, plasticine machine, shrink packaging machines, etc. Our company has achieved notable growth and has become a progressive supplier of leading packaging machines in China. Steered by a futuristic vision, we invest judiciously in building resources and execute daytoday business operations with higher level of professionalism and efficiency.
Lihong is a marketsavvy company, with a customeroriented quality deliverance approach that guides us to provide customized packaging machinery for specific packaging processes. Our prime focus is to create maximum utility and offer value for money to our customers. Hence, we make every effort to understand client's business and accordingly procure machines that meet their specific requirement to the fullest. Our prime motive is to play a crucial role in assisting clients to expand their business profits.
Through our indepth research and development, Lihong not only successfully provides the highest quality machinery and service in compliance with ISO 9001 and CE standards, but also attains the prestigious prizes of China. A good quality today, a better future tomorrow! Our vision is to create a reliable and friendly relationship with customers all around the world. And we also hope to be a part of your success as well.