회사:LNC technology
위치:19F, No. 78-2, Sect. 3, Taichung Kang Rd.,
Taichung City, T'ai-wan 407
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LNC Technology,寶元數控主要生產功能強大的數控系統控制器,並持續擴展創新的領域,以帶領機械相關設備廠商體驗真正的精密控制。寶元數控於2000年10月創立,­­成立時資本額為新台幣6億元,迄今員工人數為300-400人規模之公司,經過多年的耕耘,已經成為華人區控制器的第一品牌(LNC),產品領域涵蓋各種高階切削工具機­控­制器、沖床控制器、塑膠機控制器、機械手控制器、自動化控制系統、節能控制系統、主軸馬達和針車馬達控制器等。
Hello, we are LNC ! LNC Technology Co., Ltd. We produce powerful CNC controller that continually push the boundaries of innovation to provide true precision control for relating machine makers.LNC founded in October, 2000, with capital of NT600millions. Today, we are the leading brand of CNC controller in Chinese market with employees of 300-400. We provide a wide range of numerical controllers that can be applied broadly to CNC machine, such as turning, engraving, milling, grinding & punching machines, as well as to equipments for robot, injection molding machine, semiconductor, LCD, automation, and other relative industrial fields.