399, Dushi Road, Minhang District
Shanghai, Shanghai
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Sunbow Technologies Co., Ltd. which was invested by National Technology Transferring Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University(SJTU) in 2007 is a high-tech company concentrating on manufacturing,engineering and technology support.

With the vision of being a respected hundred years company,we are pursuing social responsibilities,customer satisfaction,high quality,continuous innovation and efficient action.

Now our products mainly include ultrasonic impact treatment equipment(UIT),ultrasonic needle peening device,ultrasonic surface processing machine,series of pipe cutting machine such as STZQ series and Thinkpipe series and other tools for engineering.We are pleased to supply reliable products to customers all over the world. At the same time,we supply technology support of weld tracing,robot welding system and other related fields. For we never stop our research and development, more and more expected products will be born in the future,and we do believe that they must work for you well.