회사:Melchiorre S.r.l.
위치:Viale Piemento 9/15
Cinisello Balsamo, Lombardia I-20092
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elchiorre’s headquarter is in Bollate, 15 km far from Milan downtown, where the machine tools are assembled. Their manufacture takes place in Cinisello Balsamo.
The company, through its more than 60 years history, is worldwide known as a reliable manufacturer of high precision (lower than 1 micron) machine tools. Potential applications cover almost every industrial sectors, such as automotive, hydraulic, electronic, optic, ceramics, etc. The flexibility and competence of Melchiorre’s technical department allows to find customized solutions for every request (eg special automatic loading systems, concave-convex grinding or perpendicularity requirements).
To show its technological level and people competence, a fully equipped trial department has been internally installed, with several machines constantly at customers’ complete disposal for the components testing and R & D purposes.
The alliances created with local partners let Melchiorre supply machines and offer a local after sales service worldwide. Our mission is to help customers to improve their industrial processes with complete satisfaction and cost effective production.
Melchiorre’s core business is played by the fine grinding market, single and double sided. Moreover, the company exploits its experience to provide also lapping and other special machines with great results.

Thanks to the huge variety of application fields experienced in the past and to the continous researchs for a higher products quality, Melchiorre is known worldwide as a reliable supplier within the high precision mechanical field. Machines’ sizes go from 400 to 2000 mm, allowing customers to flat grind whatever part within their production. Melchiorre has belonged to UCIMU (Italian Association of Machine Tools builders) since its birth: such award guarantees quality, reliability and continous innovation of the supplied products.




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