Wuhu Jeter CNC Technology Co., Ltd. production, new factory is located in machinery industry zone of Wuhu County, a beautiful place in the south-
east of Anhui and along the south bank of the lower reach of the Changjiang River. The new factory covers a land area of 60mu, which has been the combination of research, development, design and manufacture. Since then, Mjter has been building up the leading business in the industry of stone engraving machinery.

Mr. Hu Gongming, the founder of Mjter, must be the creator of numerical control stone engraving machine and must be regarded as “father of stone engraver” in the trade, who greatly contributes to the future development of stone engraving industry. Mr. Hu Gongming is so expert at engraving, sculpture, handwriting, drawing, literature, computer software and machining process; only a talent like Mr. Hu reach the way to hi-ghly integrate traditional art with today's technique. It's a wise way to learn “Mjter”, understand “Mjter” andchoose“Mjter”, thus benefiting from “Mjter”.