회사:B.G. LOWTHER | Nemo Solar Pumps
위치:3996 E. Pt. Rd.
South Lake, Prince Edward Island C0A 1KO
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The design and development of the Nemo DC Submersible Pump was an offshoot of Bruce G. Lowther's primary occupation; designing, building, using, and selling remote site, off-grid dwellings and equipment since 1963 in New England, Atlantic Canada, and the Caribbean. is an internet based business managed from wherever the Nemo migratory office computer is connected. After some 25 years of building pumps, the actual production facilities for the assembly, stocking, and shipping of Nemo Pumps are now operated by independent affiliates located in Vermont and Maine in USA and Prince Edward Island in Canada. B.G. Lowther, now "retired", continues to oversee the overall direction and operation of