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Made in Germany: optacom develops, manufactures and distributes world-class surface measurement systems since its founding in 1999. These measurement systems allow evaluation of contour, roughness, and roundness in a single pass. A foolproof, fully automatic and extremely rapid calibration as well as an equally rapid, uncomplicated stylus tip replacement constitute the hallmarks of carefully crafted precision systems.
Thanks to a broad range of special tracing arms and machine options, e.g., the newly developed rotary-swivel table, even composite or other complicated measuring tasks on complex parts become almost child‘s play. Our products have convinced numerous manufacturing and measurement laboratories worldwide of the quality, robustness and efficiency of our measurement systems.
Your investment in optacom is protected for years to come thanks to:
- Lifetime free software updates
- Modular expansion of our machines
- Subsequent expansion via options
- Certification according to DIN EN ISO



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