회사:Passaponti Metal Cleaning Technology SRL
위치:Via Pio La Torre,
Scandicci, Toscana I-50018
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PASSAPONTI metal cleaning technology” designs and manufactures machines, developing technologies and systems for cleaning parts used worldwide for both production and MRO (Maintenance Repair & Overhaul) applications in the automotive, aerospace, railway and Oil&Gas industries. Control of contamination and NDT by penetrant liquids complete the program.
The production schedule is ranging from single machines to multistage automatic systems.
PASSAPONTI is approved supplier of companies the most prestigious in their specific field.

The firm's strategy
The completeness of the know-how allows the “solution of the problem” offering the complete engineering of the system till the final evaluation of cleanliness. The knowhow and a strict quality control constitute the real adjunct-value.

Research & Development
To update technologies and machines, industry trends are constantly monitored and new machines and methods are developed, very often in synergy with the customer’s technical staff.
Passaponti has the mandate from CEN (Euro-Committee-Standardization) to coordinate the Safety Standards for cleaning machines and cooperates with ISO on standards involving cleaning.




Passaponti Metal Cleaning Technology SRLPassaponti Metal Cleaning Technology SRLPassaponti Metal Cleaning Technology SRL
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