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parts & service, machine rebuilds & retools, slide rebuilds, ssp - spindle swap program, turret retrofits.

pcc olofsson, an american machine tool builder with more than 50 years of metalworking experience, is pioneering an exciting new modular approach to building the precision turning and boring machines used in critical high-volume manufacturing operations.

this approach - combining standard, proven modular components developed in tough, continuous production environments with the precision,durability, and reliability normally available only on custom-built machines - is revolutionizing the machine tool marketplace.

for pcc olofsson's customers, it means custom machine capabilities - delivered more quickly and more economically than ever before.

pcc olofsson is a subsidiary of precision castparts corporation (pcc) based in portland, oregon. pcc serves a wide variety of aerospace and general industrial applications with six product families including structurals, airfoils, advanced forming technology, flow technologies, specialty products, and fiber services.