550 Sasakubo shinden
Iwatsuki Ward
Saitama, Saitama 339-8558
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Our company, which belongs to the minor enterprises, is accomplishing contribution to the community making rationalization of the social life, making it convenient, and human beings and the earth friendly preservation and improvement of environment, as the concept, by way of development and market diffusion of goods which, with the new function,high quality and high added value, always lead the market, especially the niche market, taking the business resources (a man of ability, eguipments and capital) into account.
On the other hand, the goods of our company have been used for long period as ten(10)and twenty(20)years since delivery to the customers.
Consequently, we are also performing action for elevating the degree of customer satisfaction, owing to the proper and quick maintenance, improvement, etc, listening to information of customers. The inportant information given by customer like this is the valuable hint for improvement of our goods or development of the new goods, and we are aiming at the reliable enterprise.