회사:Pneuform Machines Limited
위치:Unit 19c Caker Stream Road
Mill Lane Industrial Estate
Alton, Hants GU34 2QF
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pneuform was formed in 1965 by ronald benton who has now retired. the company is now owned by a consortium led by trevor clark, who for over 20 years has made the control systems for the now famous pb range of cnc programmable wire and tube bending machines. the company began in a very small way as a machining contractor. it has developed into a worldwide leading manufacturer of computer numerically controlled tube and wire bending machines of advanced designs.
within eight months of trading, the company had moved to larger premises, followed a year after that by a move, again, to newer larger premises, until the current day where it occupies a new factory of some 10,000 sq ft in aldershot, hampshire. prior to the formation of pneuform machines limited, mr. benton worked in the wire industry as a designer of special purpose machinery. his total experience in the wire industry covers some forty years.

the company produced its first bending machine, taking wire direct from coil, in or about 1970. this was a purely mechanical machine, as this was long before the advent of cnc controls being applied to bending machines. in 1980, the company developed the first 2-axis cnc wire bending machine, again taking wire direct from coil, followed in 1985 by the world's first 3-axis machine.