회사:Prussiani engineering
위치:via galvani 16
albano sant'alessandro, Lombardia 24061
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1991 - 2011. Prussiani Engineering is twenty years old.

Twenty years of success have led Prussiani Engineering to become a prestigious brand on the world marble and granite processing machine market.
This success was achieved due to the quality of its products, the reason why the Customers say Prussiani machines never stop running.
Success that is due to the ability to design and produce innovative machines that do not depreciate in time.
Success that is due to the speed and professionalism with which it serves its customers at any time and any place in the world.
Success that is due to the honesty with which it keeps the promises made to its Customers.
Prussiani Engineering would like to thank its Customers who allowed and continue to allow us to innovate and grow together.




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