회사:Qiqihar Heavy CNC Equipment Limited by Share Ltd.
위치:No. 66 Xinxcheng Rd. Longsha District
Qiqihar, Heilongjiang 161005
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main products is heavy-duty horizontal machining center with 3-5 axes moving simultaneously. capacity of load is more 32 ton for heavy-duty horizontal machining center is 95% in the market. max. machining diameter is 5 meter. meanwhile cnc vertical lathes is over 70%, max. turning diameter is 16 meter. recent years, the works has provided a lot of patent technology and series of equipment for military affairs enterprise. and many cnc equipment for national key projects of shang xia engineering, transmitting natural gas from the west to the east and transmitting electricity from the west to the east, etc. these products have filled in the gaps of aboard technology series and make contribution to national defence.