회사:Selma, PAO
위치:ul. Generala Vasileva 32-А
Simferopol, Krym 95000
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Ukrainian manufacturer and exporter of transformers, single-station and multi-station rectifiers, ballast rheostats, welding converters, semi-automatic machines with in-build wire feeders. Wire feeders, power units for semi-automatic welding, argon arc welding machines, air-plasma cutting machines, and welding automation.

Power sources for automatic welding, machines for preparing edges before welding, contact spot welding machines, control equipment for contact spot welding machines. Devices for automation of welding, cutting, overlaying, diesel engine driven welders, blocks, and units for reducing of no-load voltage applied with welding sources.

Welding manipulators, welders arc simulators, welding accessories, remote control desks, welding torches, plasma torches, electrode holders, and electro-welding equipment.