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sjmc corporation, founded in 1997, is a national foreign-trade company combined with production and technology which is wellknown in supplying the service of overall mechanical processing solution in the filed.

sjmc’ products are widely used in automotive, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, construction and farming equipments, oil and energy field, mold and die industries, etc. from the beginning, our company made it as our mission to provide machines of good quality at competitive price to all customers. rely on good relationships with many famous manufactories and final assembly these inputed products in our house to realize our concept of reducing the cost.

sjmc machines involve all kinds of machine tools and motor maintenance equipments, e.g. vertical and horizontal machining centers, lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, boring machine, grinder, measuring equipments etc. which offer users high throughput, high quality, reliable solution and cost effective to production machining operations.

sjmc has developed successfully of its own corporate philosophy of high quality, cost effective, first-rate service and has underpinned the development of world’s manufacturing by offering machine tools that satisfy manufacturing makers. these years, sjmc has set up close business co-operation with many companies in the world through good services and mutual trust.

choosing sjmc as your machining partner, you are free to imagine a more productive, cost effective solution and we assure you that we can together to make your dream come true.




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