회사:SSI Shredding Sys. Inc.
위치:9760 S.W. Freeman Dr.
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070
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SSI designs and manufactures industrial shredders and size reduction solutions engineered for a wide variety of solid waste recycling and scrap shredding applications

Since 1980, SSI has been a custom manufacturer of shredders, waste reducers and transfer station compactors. With installations in 44 countries, our lines of single-rotor, two-shaft and four-shaft industrial shredders are proven and effective solutions for nearly all size reduction applications. From solid & hazardous waste to tires, from scrap metals to plastics or from demolition debris to electronic scrap, SSI has built a shredder or system to handle the job.

For over 30 years, our innovation, improvement and engineering have created an evolution of the most versatile shredders in the market today. We are truly motivated by one recurring question: What Needs Shredding?™




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