dear srs,

we are a trading comany in brazil and we use to import shearing machines, press brakes, etc.. from china.
we are looking for a new supplier, so, if you can , send me prices form standard and cnc shearing and press brake, can be 8x3200, 10x3200, 160x3200 and 250x3200, all models (standard, nc and cnc).
the important in brazil, more tham prices is the quality of machines, so, we need to take care with some thecnical details becouse we have our own thecnical assitence to serve the customers. this way, could you send me some thecnical informations about your machines? we also need to know whats the hydrilical and electrical brands you use, the seal rings, whats the brand you have? rexroth, siemens/telemecanique, omron, yaskawa servomotors, parker seal rings?

you can see our we site

i am waiting for some reply if you have interest to start some negotiation.

best regards,

melissa casali
steelmach brasil
general manager