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Techgene Machinery 30 years of industrial baler experience had made them a problem solving expert. They act as a consultant to customize baling presses based on customers' needs and every factor is thoroughly evaluated including recycled material, amount handled per day, production expectation, plant layout, feeding equipments, maintenance, vertical or horizontal baler, cardboard or paper balers, plastic or non-ferrous balers, etc. Techgene's baling press can be automatically or semi-automatically operated depending on different recycled material every day. For shredded size paper, the air cyclone mounted horizontal baler is designed with sensors to start the pressing process. Exclusive auto tie system is implemented in every baler and if special material is required to tie the packed article, particular wrapping material can be customized to do the job. In addition, our close-ended or open-ended balers are constructed for a wide range of bale tying and ejection requirements. Hoppers can be customized for various recycled paper types including tipper, shovel, air cyclone and conveyor.