회사:TST-Taiwan Supercritical Technology CO., Ltd.
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Fenyuan. Changhua, T'ai-wan 50243
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Welcome to TST.
We are cleaning and extraction equipment manufacturer.
Our core technology is ultrasonic and supercritical CO2 that are applied on cleaning and extraction.

Our products are widely used on metal, technology, medical, and biotechnology industry.

Ultrasonic has high frequency oscillation feature.
it has great peneration to clean for the blind hole or dead space.
We also use it on extraction. This feature makes much faster than traditonal steaming extraction.
Besides, its low temperature can reserve bioactive substance.

Supercritical CO2 is safety, because it is non-toxic, cololess, and tasteless.
It can be directly used, doesn't product additional CO2.
The greaet faeture is that has great oil-solube capability.
On cleaning, it can easily to remove oil-soluble substance without lot of water and chemical.
On the other hand, this feature is very suitable to apply on extract essential oil.
the quality of extraction is so pure, because just use supercritical CO2, without solvent and high temperature.

Our cleaning and extraction standard equipement.
Cleaning Standard Equipment:
MS-600/MS-1200 : Suitable for small item or metal parts cleaning.

PSS750/PSS1200 : Design to clean SMT stencil, screens, PCB base plates with ultrasonic, spray, and drying mechanism.

USS750: is similar with PSS series, but its feature is drived by pneumatic. Combines with spray and drying.

Extraction Standard Equipment:
Ultrasonic Extraction:
ES600/ES1200: Suitable for samll quantity test and easy operation.

ES600N:Design for laboratory test. Equiped with Touch Penal HMI to setting and control. It has programmable 4-stage process for customer. Max Capacity-17L. It is the latest and most popular product.

Supercritical Extraction:

OV-SCF-10000: Equiped with oven extraction furnace and pressure control module. Design for laboratory test. Max Capacity-1L.

SE201/SE202: Max Capacity-20L/40L, Pilot Scale Equipment.

SE-051A: Max Capacity-5L, Suitable for samll quantity Production.

We also can manufacure customized equipment from automatically multi-tanks cleaner to turukey extraction equipment.

Our automatically multi-tank cleaning machine has many types, such as gantry, rotary spray, lever, and pallet type.



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