No.69 SanCheng RD.,
GuoZhuang Industrial Park.PingDu
QingDao, Shandong 266737
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QingDao Tungray Electric Machines Co., Ltd (TEM) is a key provider of high frequency inverter and heat treatment equipment. True to our business philosophy found on Tungray’s brand of “Honesty, Gratitude, Talent, Technology, Entrepreneurship”, TME recruits pioneering talents and endeavours to create more value to customers by continually innovating and offering new solution to meet changing customer needs.
Innovation for Customers
TEM designs and distributes brazing, quenching, smelting, annealing heat treatment equipment and spot, projection, flash, seam resistance welders for automobile, appliance, and construction industry.
Complete Solution
TEM offers intelligent, amicable, complete solutions to maximize customer’s benefits through its wide range of products, excellent customized servicing capability as well as comprehensive cooperation with customers.
In additional to maximize customer’s benefits, TEM continually pursues the harmonious coexistence between human and nature through clean and efficient induction heating equipment and resistance welding equipment to minimize the damage of environment.
In 2002, TEM was found to provide customized automation and assembly equipment.
In 2007, TEM involved in induction heating equipment and resistance welding industry.
In 2009, TEM launched pipeline induce welding production line.
In 2010, TEM focus on design, development, integration and application of inverter, induction heat treatment and resistance welding equipment.