OAO Tyazhpressmash is a leading russian manufacturer of wide range of forging equipments and presses for various industries. Machines and presses of Tyazhpressmash are successfully used in more than 40 countries. For half a century our company pursues the policy of dynamic and continuous development and innovation in close and diverse co-operation with the leading russian and foreign scientific-research and design organizations .

Tyazhpressmash is the first one in the world to master in the production of 4-die forging device for hydraulic forging presses ,which facilitate to increase 1.5-3 times forging efficiency in comparison with conventional 2-die forging.

Tyazhpressmash facilities consist of a unique system of large production shops with metallurgical, welding and mechanic/mounting equipments.

We provide with full range of advisory service, maintenance and technical assistance to our customers for the machines supplied from Tyazhpressnash,Ryazan, Russia.