회사:Vorti-Siv / MM Industries, Inc.
위치:36135 Salem Grange Road
P.O. Box 720
Salem, Ohio 44460
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MM Industries, Inc. was founded in 1968 by Mr. Rudolf Maroscher, P.E. who was then heading the electrical engineering department at the nearby Kent State - Salem Technical Branch. The company was built in a truly unique location near Mr. Maroscher's 400 acre apple, tennis and cattle farm, which is approximately two miles south of Salem, Ohio.

A year later, the company began manufacturing several models of the early VORTI-SIV gyratory sieves for the Lehmann Division of Mulling Manufacturing also in Salem. In 1973, MM Industries purchased all rights tooling and expenses to the then 25 year old VORTI-SIV product range. All manufacturing was immediately moved to the company's Salem Grange Road facility.