founded in 1976, wright machine tool has collectively produced thousands of saw sharpening/maintenance machines. carbide saw grinders, stellite® tip welders, saw blade inspection tools, and other machinery in support of carbide saws and other saw blades is our specialty. all machines are produced here at our manufacturing facility in cottage grove oregon, usa. having a complete manufacturing capability under one roof allows us to respond quickly to your needs while giving us virtually absolute control over product quality.

wright machine tool grinders are found in sawmills, saw shops, saw manufacturers, and cabinet shops. whether you are sharpening carbide tipped circle saws, swaged band saws, stellite® tipped saws, small band saws, or any number of specialty saws, wright machine tool has engineered and produced a grinding machine to do it.

in addition to supporting filing room sharpening, wright machine tool offers full engineering and machine manufacturing capabilities to other manufacturers. do you have a specialty item that you would like to sharpen on a production basis? chances are that we have already developed a sharpening machine that will suit your application, or that can be modified to suit your application