회사:Yuan Heng Tai Water Transfer Printing Co., Ltd.
위치:No. 57, Jing 2Nd Road, Chung-Kang Export Processing Zone , Wuchi , Taichung County , Taiwan 43541
Taichung County, T'ai-wan 435
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Yuan Heng Tai Water Transfer Printing Co., Ltd. Based on the spirit of the innovation and the breakthrough is always to supply the new ideal for 3D Curved Surface Transfer printing. We applied the perfect technlogy of 3D Curved Surface Transfer printing into the work of our machines, which had made the technology in Yuan Heng Tai Co. Become more outstanding.

Water Transfer Printing processing
Yuan Heng Tai Water Transfer Printing Co., Ltd. is a professional water transfer printing machine maker and transfer film maker in Taiwan.
Besides, we are authorized Mossy Oak camo film maker and dipper. To serve Chinese customers, we set up dipping factory
Li Yuan Transfer Printing Co., Ltd. in Dongguang, China to do decoration.

For your understanding about our products, please visit our website “ www.yht.com.tw “.
We have over 800 kinds of patterns available for customers' choice.
Customized pattern development is also acceptable.
Among these patterns, we have 9 kinds of Mossy Oak patterns.
As a film supplier and dipper, we are sure to offer a more competitive dipping cost.
We will be your best choice to lower your dipping cost.