Zhejiang Hongzhen Machine Mould Group Co., Ltd is ISO 9001 and CE international quality uthentication enterprise, has had more than 20 years blows the bottle machine and each kind of mould manufacture history, the registration fund 7,200,000 Dollar.Today the company product successively attains the national 36 patents and five item of international Jin Jiang. The company adopt the main production equipment utilization world first-class CAD/CAM/CAE technology to improve qualities and develop the new products. The company organized HuangYan Plastic mechanical mould vocational school,Trains the specialized technical talented person for the society and the company. The company existing staff 350 people, center, the high-level title technical personnel has more than 50 people. The company presently automatically blows the bottle machine with the Japanese cooperative production each kind of specification one-stage process or two steps, semiautomatic blows the bottle machine and multi- functions note blow machine. Can blow system each kind of shape PP. PE.PET. PC and so on the medical medicine bottle. The necessary production mould, the bottle cap mould, the domestic electric appliances mould, the daily necessities mould and provides the correlation product. The company product is available throughout the country and Japan Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, south North America and so on more than 100 countries and the area, year bringing in foreign exchange income surpassed 7000000 American dollars. The company for unceasingly satisfies the customer the request, plans for the customer prepares for construction blows the bottle production line factory and the family thing and the domestic electric appliances casts the factory. " Creates the first-class product quality, lets the customer trust the satisfaction " is company's quality policy.